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AAA Insurance

Hitting the road and finding everyday savings.


"Road Trip"


Creative Direction


& Design

AAA Insurance isn’t going to win over drivers on price. But when you include the roadside service, partner discounts and the boatload of other services that come with a AAA Membership, drivers clearly get more VALUE for their insurance dollar.

This concept uses the idea of a road trip with a nod to the legacy of AAA — and all the opportunities to save along

the way.

Team credits: Eric Kauppila, Art Direction.

Steve Steger, Copywriter.

  Leveraging Facebook and travel Vloggers to encourage Members to share their photos of places they saved with their AAA Membership card. Members could win a “AAA Value of the Day” savings bonus for the best post based on the most likes. 

Signage and club posters are personalized to each city to remind AAA Members of all the savings and benefits they receive from their membership.